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MSL Programme

MSL Programme

MSLP is our premium open course – taking GMs and turning them into high-performing regional managers with the skills to lead, to motivate a team and to achieve outstanding business success.
Date: 30/03/2022
Time: 10:00 am
Duration: 2 days
Location: Middle Aston House, Bicester, Oxon. OX25 5PT

Making the successful transition from single-site manager to multi-site leader, is not an easy thing. It takes a specific combination and change of skills and behaviour. MSLP brings that into clear focus, and the residential aspect of the programme, means the Transitioners, have plenty of opportunity to discuss the practical applications of their new knowledge and compare and contrast experiences with their fellow attendees. The bonds and relationships formed here add a powerful development and learning dimension to the programme, that will help set the Transitioners up for future success.

The programme is delivered over four modules separated by some weeks in between to allow individuals time for reflection and application. The next opportunity to develop the mindset, behaviour, communication skills and both human and commercial leadership traits of your future talent are:
Module 1:         30 and 31 March 2022
Module M2/3:     18, 19 and 20 April 2022
Module 4:        24 and 25 May 2022

  • What MSLP deliversThe topics all build and layer to formulate a confident, effective, and personally authentic leadership style. Among others, the principal outcomes of the programme are:
    • Greater self-awareness – understanding oneself and the impact on others at different points
    • Understanding the role differences of Operator, Manager and Leader
    • Clarity of the role of a Multi-Unit Manager
    • Awareness of the impacts of Growth & Fixed Mindsets
    • Appreciation of the human skills of leadership – understanding the relationship between authenticity, trust and sustainable results
    • Development of an authentic leadership style and how to create a movement
    • Effective delegation, teamwork, motivation and the influence of purpose
    • Inspiring leadership communication skills – recognising the different needs of different audiences
    • Increased operational effectiveness – prioritisation & task management
    • Clear understanding of operational excellence
    • The ability to recognise and deal effectively with different generations
    • How to coach and develop talent
    • How to influence and manage up and down
    • Ability to think and talk strategically and commercially

The Modules

Module One
Understanding the role. Time management. Resilience.

Module Two
Leadership styles. Balanced relationships. Vision and values.

Module Three
Effective communication. Influencing and recognition. Personal brand.

Module Four
Confidence and leadership. Taking people with you.

We’re redefining what successful management and leadership development looks like.

The behavioural change programmes we build, create more human, trusted leaders, better suited to face the challenges of today.

Our approach is proving to inspire those that show potential, equip them with the right tools and liberate them to become the best, authentic, successful leaders they can be.

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