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About Us

Our vision at Transition is to be the trusted developer of commercial and compassionate leaders.


We are For Operators By Operators. Our tutors have stood in the shoes of those on our programmes. They have addressed business challenges, inherited poor performing teams and led their way to success.


Transition does not address the job someone does, our development is about the person and improving their skills. We provide the models, tools, advice and inspiration to help individuals make better decisions. To be a thoughtful individual and to manage with compassion are the key attributes of high performing leaders. We believe that a leader with their engaged and focused team can be indomitable – and happy.


Our experienced team have a wealth of training, industry and management experience to share – helping individuals be successful and confident as they develop their careers and their contribution.


We help companies to develop talented individuals into inspiring and resourceful business managers. Companies will retain and grow their outstanding performers. Individuals will grow to be the best leader they can be.