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Inspired in the first days of Covid-19 Lockdown, Transition introduced this weekly drop-in Zoom session to help community, confidence and communication for individuals stranded from their usual work environment. All at no cost. And in November 2021 – we were delighted to launch HANGOUT 2.

Led by Karen Turton, and very ably supported by Associates and friends, this is a 30-minute online interactive dial-in for an online interactive session that features a selection of the models and ideas that Transition offers; it provides the chance of learning something, engaging with others – and a bit of laughter.

Time & Date

Every Friday 10am
30 Minutes

See below for event Content by date.


£ Free

Perfect for

Anyone looking to improve and gain an understanding of their soft skills and to join a like-minded Transition community

What Hangout delivers

+ Understanding how soft skills shape management success

+ Learn simple, effective techniques, to improve communications

+ Insight to emotional intelligence

+ Lessons from the experience of the Transition team

+ Hear from leaders in the field of development and coaching

+ Be part of the Transition tribe



Hangout dates

HANGOUT is FREE and is every Friday & hosted on Zoom.
We start at 10am, and the hangout last for 30 minutes.

07 Jan: Objectivity
14 Jan: Confidence
21 Jan: Self-awareness
28 Jan: Feedback
04 Feb: Communicating – in a virtual world
11 Feb: Storytelling – the power you can create
18 Feb: Generations…
25 Feb: Beds, eggs and bubblewrap

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