Inspired in the first days of Covid-19 Lockdown, Transition introduced this weekly drop-in Zoom session to help community, confidence and communication for individuals stranded from their usual work environment. All at no cost. And in November 2021 – we were delighted to launch HANGOUT 2.

Led by Karen Turton, and very ably supported by Associates and friends, this is a 30-minute online interactive dial-in for an online interactive session that features a selection of the models and ideas that Transition offers; it provides the chance of learning something, engaging with others – and a bit of laughter.

Time & Date

Every Friday 10am
30 Minutes

See below for event Content by date.


£ Free

Perfect for

Anyone looking to improve and gain an understanding of their soft skills and to join a like-minded Transition community

What Hangout delivers

+ Understanding how soft skills shape management success

+ Learn simple, effective techniques, to improve communications

+ Insight to emotional intelligence

+ Lessons from the experience of the Transition team

+ Hear from leaders in the field of development and coaching

+ Be part of the Transition tribe



Hangout dates

HANGOUT is FREE and is every Friday & hosted on Zoom.
We start at 10am, and the hangout last for 30 minutes.

07 Jan: Objectivity
14 Jan: Confidence
21 Jan: Self-awareness
28 Jan: Feedback
04 Feb: Communicating – in a virtual world
11 Feb: Storytelling – the power you can create
18 Feb: Generations…
25 Feb: Beds, eggs and bubblewrap

At 10am - follow us on LinkedIn HERE

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MSL Programme.


Multi-Site Leaders Programme (MSLP) focuses on retaining and developing top talent – something that is at the top of every successful executive’s list of things to do.

It is a proven strategy for success to take those with potential and shape them into authentic, capable, confident, trusted, leaders. They need to be adept at galvanising teams of teams, creating powerful, engaged, people-movements, with the capacity to drive extraordinary performance.

At Transition we’re committed to breaking the cycle of mediocre management and leadership. We believe that the successful leaders of the future must show both human compassion and commercial savvy. Our Multi-Site Leader Programme (MSLP) has been specifically crafted to inspire, equip, and liberate your talent, putting them on the path to leadership success and realising that potential in them that you spotted.

It’s a high impact, mindset and behaviour-changing experience. Some have said it was life-changing, as our operationally minded and infectiously energetic facilitators, open the “Transitioners’” eyes to what it really takes to be an effective and successful leader, whilst giving them a kitbag of new tools to help them develop and apply their authentic, winning style of leadership.

The residential nature of the programme also presents a great opportunity to network with peers, share different perspectives and hear from some great industry leaders who illuminate what’s possible by sharing their stories and journeys – putting further fire in our Transitioners’ bellies.

At the end, they will have grown immeasurably, they will be capable of much more and your business will reap all the associated benefits

Course Length

Four x 36 residential hours at Middle Aston House, Bicester


£3,495 (+vat)

Perfect for

What MSLP delivers

The topics all build and layer to formulate a confident, effective, and personally authentic leadership style. Among others, the principal outcomes of the programme are:

  • Greater self-awareness – understanding oneself and the impact on others at different points
  • Understanding the role differences of Operator, Manager and Leader
  • Clarity of the role of a Multi-Unit Manager
  • Awareness of the impacts of Growth & Fixed Mindsets
  • Appreciation of the human skills of leadership – understanding the relationship between authenticity, trust and sustainable results
  • Development of an authentic leadership style and how to create a movement
  • Effective delegation, teamwork, motivation and the influence of purpose
  • Inspiring leadership communication skills – recognising the different needs of different audiences
  • Increased operational effectiveness – prioritisation & task management
  • Clear understanding of operational excellence
  • The ability to recognise and deal effectively with different generations
  • How to coach and develop talent
  • How to influence and manage up and down
  • Ability to think and talk strategically and commercially

MSLP dates

Making the successful transition from single-site manager to multi-site leader, is not an easy thing. It takes a specific combination and change of skills and behaviour. MSLP brings that into clear focus, and the residential aspect of the programme, means the Transitioners, have plenty of opportunity to discuss the practical applications of their new knowledge and compare and contrast experiences with their fellow attendees. The bonds and relationships formed here add a powerful development and learning dimension to the programme, that will help set the Transitioners up for future success.

The programme is delivered over four modules separated by some weeks in between to allow individuals time for reflection and application. The next opportunity to develop the mindset, behaviour, communication skills and both human and commercial leadership traits of your future talent are:

The programme will start at 10am on the 30th March and end at around 4pm on 11th March 2022.

The programme will start at 10am on the 18th April and end at around 1pm on 19th April 2022.

Module 3 commences immediately after Module 2 ends.

The programme will start at 2pm on the 19th April and end at around 5pm on 20th April 2022.

Module 3 commences immediately after Module 2 ends.

The programme will start at 10am on the 24th May and end at around 4pm on 25th May 2022.

What's included

This purposefully intensive programme is based at our spiritual, residential home – Middle Aston House, near Bicester. OX25 5PT.

The self-contained, tranquil setting enables the Transitioners to focus on the learning and encouraged reflection, rather than the distractions of a city venue.

In addition to our positively impactful, provocative, and naturally giving facilitators, your people will regularly enjoy “fireside chats” with trusted, industry experts, who help bring the learning to life through their own experiences and leadership journeys.



This is Transition working with your company to understand your development needs, and the devising, refining and delivering a programme that works for your business and for your people.

Our own development and skills models can take individuals through the many stages of their own career or it can be tailored to your specific needs for their development.

Our experienced team can deliver your programme online, but we prefer in person – at your premises or at our dedicated, residential, training centre.

Course Length

From a single day to multiple modules over as many months as needed


Bespoke prices to suit your budget and timescales

Perfect for

Businesses looking for a much more hands on approach, partner with us to tailor a programme specifically to their business and their people

How Bespoke works

+ We understand your current learning and development programme

+ We understand the career path planning in place

+ We consider the growth of the individuals in your plan

+ We work with your budget and create a programme that works

+ We seek to create an award winning development programme

+ We present this to you – and refine this as necessary

+ We communicate with your team and generate excitement

+ We deliver a first-class programme online or in-person

+ We support the team going forward to explore their continued development

Bespoke Benefits

We see a leader inspired to take their team on an exceptional journey as they perform their everyday role; we see a team equipped with a toolkit to offer the best customer experience or maybe a highly engaged group of heads of department that work seamlessly with other departments to seek opportunities and overcome challenges.

Talk to us at Transition as this is what we do. We want bring the best out of everybody we work with – we want to create Leaders for Life! 

  • Enmeshed with your people structure
  • Focused on real deliverables
  • Built around your development goals
  • In person or Online
  • From one to 1000 people
  • Award winning programmes
  • Creating real engagement
  • Guaranteed to create WOW!
  • Your partner for Learning & Development

Your Bespoke Package?

From CEOs of PLCs to Ops Directors of national brands, this is the experience we have within Transition, and our team of development professionals is able to deliver programme(s) that will help any business become a better business because their people will be better people and better leaders.



From empowerment 

Course Length

Single Day Course, various dates throughout the year


£145 / candidate 

Perfect for

This is for senior and ambitious operations managers seeking the move to operations director

For those who have recently taking a senior operations manager role and wish to underpin their talents with leadership skills

What Masterclass delivers

+ Understanding the differences between single site & multisite management

+ Time management – prioritisation & task management

+ The Geographic challenge – Meaningful actions one place at a time

+ Process & Passion – the strategic combination

+ Achieving your Goals through others – the creation of Purpose

+ Management / Leadership – different styles for different situations

+ The mechanics of Communication – Including clarity of the Vision

+ Managing expectations – Up & Down / During periods of change

+ Investing in your people – Including Challenge & Recognition

+ Effective meetings – One-to-One & team

+ What does success look like?

Masterclass dates

Gateway is available to book for single delegates or for a Company dedicated event. 

It is ideally suited to high performing GMs looking to understand the actions and traits of a successful multi-site manager and enable the step to their first multi-site position will be much more successful – in particular if the individual goes on to to take the full Multi-Site Leaders Programme (MSLP)>

If you wish to have a dedicated Company Gateway - please just contact us.

Due to Covid-19 all Gateway events are on held. Please contact us to register your interest.

What's included

Whilst there are many excellent single-site operators within Hospitality, the skill sets and competencies required for multi-site management are very different. Gateway has been assembled with a very real understanding of the key elements that have to be considered for great multi-site management – Planning / Process / Knowledge / Behaviour.

The tutors

We live and breathe the mantra – For Operators By Operators

All of our tuition is led by Karen Turton, Transition’s Learning & Performance Director. Karen has held senior operations roles at Spirit Pub Co, Nando’s and Turtle Bay. 

Supporting Karen is a team of, quite simply, the best the hospitality industry has. They have stood in those shoes, had those conversations and KNOW the challenges the team ‘at the coal face’ have to manage and negotiate each and everyday.

Karen Turton

Learning & Performance Director