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To inspire, equip and liberate the hero leaders of tomorrow...

Creating leaders for life.


Free - understanding soft skills - every single week.

MSL Programme.

Our 4 x 36 hour development programme for AMs.


Our coaches, our courses but built around your business.


One day to immerse yourself in the power of soft skills.

Transition is your Learning & Development partner.

Our team is there to help any company, any business, improve the way its leaders, managers, heads of departments, management boards function and succeed.


As business leaders we have all seen too many talented people promoted above their competence due to the lack of personal development. At Transition we want to put an end to that. We want your people to be equipped with the leadership mindset to take on any new role with the knowledge and confidence to lead their new team with awe-inspiring skill. 

Our programmes are high-energy and high engagement; they are insightful, thought-provoking, fun and always hugely beneficial. We talk of Soft Centres and Windscreens, of the Power of Yes and eliminating Tacit Approval. We do all of this in a way that every single person in front of us can understand and relate to.

We are a leading provider of ‘soft skills’ leadership development. We have specially curated ‘Open’ programmes run throughout the year for individuals to attend, and we work with leading companies to devise and deliver their own Bespoke products. We work with you!

Our tutors are all experienced industry leaders who are committed to making a difference for emerging leaders, delivering a life-changing development experience for personal and business success. These are our Operators for Operators.

Bespoke programmes in 2021 have been created with Parkdean Resorts, Fuller’s, Glendola Leisure, Flight Club, Provenance Inns, Hippo Inns, and Fest & Revel.

We have also run the Open programme several times, it takes competent and ambitious single site managers and transforms them into confident and high performing multi-site leaders.

And every Friday we offer our popular Hangout sessions for anyone in our community to drop in for 30 minutes and get a fast, fun and free taste of soft skills models and development coaching.

"The Transition Multi-Site Leaders Programme (MSLP) is, by a distance, the best I have been on."